Tim Koster

  Tim Koster • Episode 12 I saw Tim Koster at the Copenhagen Open in 2017, along with Woody and the team. Flatspot Magazine is an amazing Dutch skateboarding media company and one of the many reasons I wanted to chat with Tim. In this podcast we find out about skate media evolution over the […]

Marc Churchill

  Marc Churchill • Episode 11 Marc Churchill has been a huge source of inspiration for me ever since he hosted R.A.D. on channel 5. It was truly delightful to have the opportunity to chat with him about his experiences in the skateboarding industry. Our conversation covered a range of topics, including his work on […]

Sean Goff

  Sean Goff • Episode 10 Welcome to the podcast! Today we have a special guest, Sean Goff, a 57-year-old skater who’s been shredding since 1976. Despite the aches and pains he experiences, with weak shoulders and stiff knees, Sean manages to skate better than most. In this episode, we dive into the history of […]

Charlie Bach

  Charlie Bach • Episode 9 Charlie Bach is known as “Joe Hinson’s filmer”, but we delve deeper into Charlie’s skate life! Discussing topics like filming, British street skating, NASS festival – as always, Joe Hinson and much more.

Amy Ram

  Amy Ram • Episode 8 Today we talk to Amy Ram, currently the Route One Pro Team Manager, sponsored skater on Vans, Santa Cruz and Route One. I first met Amy’s fiery skate abilities in Hasting’s and have been a huge fan ever since. During our conversation, we delve into a range of topics, […]

Ben Grove

  Ben Grove • Episode 7 When I first began skateboarding, Ben Grove quickly became one of my favourite skaters. It was an honour to have him join The Wine Club and share his experiences growing up in the north, as well as discussing his involvement with renowned brands such as Blueprint, Unabomber, Vans, and […]

Joe Hinson

  Joe Hinson • Episode 6 Meet Joe Hinson, a British skateboarder who’s been dubbed the “handrail destroyer” and is set to represent Team GB in the Olympics. Recently joining the ZERO skateboard team and skateboarding in America. Join us as we chat to Joe about his upbringing on a farm, his experience in the […]

Brett Dye

  Brett Dye • Episode 5 An intimate conversation with Brett Dye, a skateboarding media guru from “The Skateboarding Show,”. We delve into topics such as skate media, the current state of skateboarding, the impact of the Olympics, and more. Enjoy.

Skateboard Scotland

  Skateboard Scotland • Episode 4 Welcome to Episode 5, where we dive into the world of Scottish skateboarding and all things in-between! In episode 4, we sit down with Ali and Sam, from Skateboard Scotland, to discuss the exciting developments and opportunities for skateboarding in Scotland, especially in the context of the upcoming Olympics. […]